Stud Service

We offer excellent canine stud of the bulldog breed.

Specimens of excellent lineage, in a magnificent state of health and with high conditions of genetic transmission.

Fluffy French Bulldog - LBJ Barbaro

Bred: Fluffy French Bulldog
Color: Blue and Tan

Exotic stud blue and tan Fluffly French bulldog L4.  Available for Sale .

French Bulldog - LBJ Yoda

Bred: French Bulldog
Color: Blue Merle Isabella

Exotic french bulldog BIG ROPE blue merle Isabella carrier for stud service full AKC, DNA.

French Bulldog - LBJ Bacon

Bred: French Bulldog
Color: Lilac and Tan

The highest genetics, colors, structure and quality. full AKC.

French Bulldog - LBJ Mr Wonka

Bred: French Bulldog
Color: Choco and Tan

Exotic Micro French bulldog male. Available for stud service, guarantee pregnancy, chunky and short puppies, full AKC.


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