Our Guarantee

When you integrate a beautiful puppy from the LBJ Bulldogs kennel into your family, you have the peace of mind of receiving a puppy in optimal health and development conditions. A real Bulldog!

Breed purity:

We are breeders specialized in the Bulldog breed with more than 20 years of experience, we only offer puppies from our kennel, children of selected males and females that meet the characteristics of the breed and have a high purity genetic line.

Cheerful, energetic and playful puppies:*

Each puppy receives the best breeding conditions, and especially a lot of love and care from us. We provide them with wide spaces where they develop together with others of their kind, interacting, playing and discovering; They also have constant interaction with knowledgeable staff who help them prepare to interact with their new families.
* According to the conditions of the breed.

Healthy puppies:

The health and well-being of our puppies is the most important thing. From their birth they receive veterinary accompaniment, who constantly evaluates them, ensuring their best health.
We take special care to provide them with a clean and healthy environment from birth. We punctually apply the doses of vaccination and dewormers, and we regularly apply external cleaning procedures to the skin, ears, eyes and nails.
Together with your beautiful puppy you will receive a certificate of good health issued by a qualified veterinarian, vaccination card and evidence of deworming with a 7-day warranty.

When you have a puppy from the LBJ Bulldogs kennel, you have the certainty that your puppy has great genetics and the best qualities of the breed.

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